Made using 100% carefree polypropylene fibres and advanced stain-resistant properties. Spills sit on the surface of the carpet to simply clean / blot away. Stain free carpets.

Why Regency free?

stain_free_carpets_with_Regency_Carpets_Carefree Stain_free_carpets_with_Regency_Carpets_logo

Advanced stain-resistant properties
100% bleach cleanable
Easy clean
Repels most everyday stains
Long lasting wear retention


Our Regency Carefree stain free carpets range is our most popular range. For busy households and heavy traffic areas these carpets provide great value for money, offering style and longevity to our customers. Stain free carpets mean we take the hangover out of that spilt glass of red wine.

To find out more call into our showroom in Rossendale for a chat over a brew and we can advise the best carpet to suit your home.
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