Leoline cushioned flooring

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When it comes great value, ed performance and style for even the busiest of family homes, viagra generic Leoline cushioned flooring is available in a whole range of styles from wood and stone to stripes and puzzle pieces.

We’ve all the samples and swatches in the showroom, so we can always tell if Leoline have the right product for you. Leoline is hard-wearing and is great value for money. In recent years they’ve really upped their game in producing some great designs too. We endorse their products and it’s very popular with our customers.


Telenzo Carpets

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Edel Telenzo Carpets are known for its 100% wool and wool mix tufted carpets. The majority of Telenzo Carpets are Scotchgarded to provide stain repellent properties. To find out more contact Ian at Classic Carpets.

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